Far too many professional services don’t know how to cross-sell their services to existing clients or new clients. Everyone knows the importance of cross-selling, yet very few firms take the simple steps to integrate cross-selling into the practice’s daily business. The old adage is clear. It’s between 8 and 11 times easier and more cost effective to do business with someone you’ve dealt with before. Cross-selling improves profitability like no other activity.

Cross Selling to Existing Clients

It’s an undisputed fact in marketing a professional service, that it is between eight and eleven times easier and less expensive to do more business with an existing client than it is to recruit a new client. This is just one reason why it is so important for solicitors, accountants, architects and other professionals to cross sell your services. If you are not cross selling your firm’s services to existing clients, you are missing a very big opportunity. We can show you some simple and inexpensive techniques to make it easier for clients to use your other services.

Doing More Business with Existing Clients

Understanding the situation from your client’s perspective
Making introductions easy
Making it easy for your client to use more services
Making sure your clients know what other services you provide